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April 22, 2018

Dogs are by their nature social animals that form packs to work together, take care of each other, and succeed in the dog-oriented life. People are very similar in their nature, as well. Unfortunately, a situation that has developed in the modern day world of long commutes and busy schedules is that the dog and humans who have formed their own special pack often can’t even spend time together. This causes anxiety in both parties and can lead to chronic health and behavior issues. The great news is that the solution is both convenient and reliable. For doggy day care in Campbell we at Dr. Dave’s Doggy Day Care, Boarding, and Grooming have the premium situation for your dog. Our facilities are of the latest design and our staff is experienced, licensed, and trained. Dropping off your dog at Dr. Dave’s solves several problems for both you and your dog:

  • Your dog gets exercise
  • Your dog gets personalized care
  • Your dog can be pampered and groomed
  • You get a happy, tired dog at the end of your busy day
  • You get to spend quality cuddle and play time with your dog
  • No damage to the house in your absence
  • No worries over bathroom breaks, feedings, medications, etc. 

Our facilities for doggy day care in Campbell are designed with these details in mind:

  • Environment controls to avoid extreme weather
  • Outside area as well
  • Regular cleaning and care of the facilities
  • Trained staff that interacts with the dogs
  • Veterinary assistance available every day
  • Open on weekends
  • All breeds welcomed
  • Grooming available
  • Experienced care for dogs with special needs

Whether you have a long day planned for shopping or you have a busy work schedule, call us or drop by for a visit. You can learn about our many services we offer for doggy day care in Campbell. You can see our facilities and ask any questions you have about specific services or about how we would handle a particular situation you face on a daily basis. Our staff absolutely loves dogs, and we enjoy meeting new doggy guests. We also have our favorites among the regulars who look forward to coming to our day care. Every dog, in fact, is evaluated by trained staff and organized into groups at the day care that provide safe and invigorating interaction for all the doggy guests. You can learn all about this from our website and by calling us at (408) 791-2532. We’ll be happy to guide you through the initial application process so you can see how it covers every aspect of responsible doggy day care for your beloved pet. Treat your dog today!




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