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April 22, 2018

If you have a look at the online marketing world in the present years, you can find several changes in the trend of local search. Apart from it, the app developments, mobile-friendly displays, and many other things have increased the competition. However, many business owners, who have not taken the help of professionals, do mistakes in their local SEO.

Company information- Not consistent or unavailable

You want to reveal your company’s contact number, name and also its address. This is an important metric, used by Google in order to have a higher ranking for local business. You have to display the information prominently on your site and ensure that the details are consistent. You can also use Google Maps for adding your business location because 86 % of the visitors view at it. With the right presentation of information, you may also get lots of calls from potential customers.

Overlooking the standard factors for SEO

One of local search engine optimisation companies knows that locally targeted SEO does not always differ from regular SEO. One of the factors, influencing both these SEO goals, is backlinks. Though they are important, you have to check the backlinks quality. CTR is also one of the SEO factors because Google observes it while assessing your response to your site.

No importance to the negative factors

You have to know that some adverse factors may decline you in SERP report. Thus, you should not disregard all these elements-

  • Adding the business name to the irrelevant My Business category page may cause an undesirable SEO effect.
  • Presence of malware at the website
  • Wrong contact details and physical address at any online site can also impact the ranking.
  • Negative reviews at My Business are also responsible to degrade your rankings. Though a variety of reviews is highly significant, lots of negative ones will risk local website optimization campaign.

While you are creating the page, you need to make sure that this comprises your fresh business information. You should also classify the business in the right way. It is also good to upload a number of photos, relevant to the business. You should also make a blog where you can create fresh quality content.

Thin content of lower quality-

The website has always the most notable role to help you in local SEO. The content of your site should be minimum 500 to 600 words. If it is not enough, we can consider it as the thin content. The aim of Google is to provide everyone with the desired pages, which may give the most important information. So, you need to assess all those pages to ensure the relevancy of your contents. You can call professional writers for creating these contents.

Thus, you have to keep away from these mistakes, while planning for local SEO. If you have consulted SEO professionals, they will allow you to pick your potential mistakes. With their assistance, you can get several customers from the local areas. And it will also increase your business revenue.





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