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April 22, 2018

Sustanon is a kind of synthetic testosterone drug, which is available in different milligram strengths. It is a potent testosterone form popular in bodybuilding arena.

Often, Sustanon stack is used. It can include herbal ingredients or other anabolic steroids for getting a synergetic effect, decrease specific side effects and maintain lean mass gain after completion of cycle.

Doctors recommend patients suffering from low-T level, a drug with one ester but Sustanon include four esters. Basically, steroid usage without prescription is illegal, as the risk of misuse or abuse increases, especially risk gets high with four different kinds testosterone esters blended in Sustanon.

Is Sustanon stack safe?

This aspect will depend on –

  • What is stacked?
  • What is its strength [milligram]?
  • What are its possible side effects [permanent and temporary]?

Beginners are not recommended Sustanon stacks, even though the results versus side effects will depend on the user’s heath status, lifestyle, age, dosage frequency, milligram strength, and so on. Deca and Winstrol are common steroids used in this stack.

Many recommendations are available for Sustanon stacks on bodybuilder’s forum and websites but it is recommended to be cautious. It is a prescribed-only drug, so buying testosterone product from illegal source is risky. Athletes and bodybuilders are well-aware about the risk but they make sure to buy high-quality products.

Sustanon & Winstrol cycle

Winstrol is used to balance a few side effects of Sustanon. It helps to reduce the risk of fluid retention or edema. Use of anabolic steroid can cause the hold down of natural hormone production. When your body feels that T-levels are sufficient, pituitary gland signals testes to stop testosterone production. This leads to condition called testicular atrophy, low sperm count, and infertility.

Sustanon & Deca cycle

Deca is basically a veterinary medicine. Bodybuilder claim that Sustanon and Deca stack produces rapid and huge muscle gains. In between cycles, Deca is injected to maintain muscle gain and protect liver damage. Deca includes ester Testosterone Decanoate, which offers extended release in the circulatory system.

For beginners – Dosage of Sustanon & Deca cycle

Sustanon is basically a strong testosterone form and stacking it with another steroid needs to be conducted with extra care. Safe Sustanon with Deca stack needs to be of 300 mg to 600 mg weekly strength. Actually, the milligram dosage will depend on the status of the anabolic steroid or testosterone user – beginner, intermediate or veteran.

Sustanon stacking with Tren, Euipose or Dianabol is also helpful. However, it is advised to be familiar with the potential interactions, prior use.


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