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April 22, 2018

Lawyers can solve a variety of problems and the excellent divorce lawyers in Sydney are no exception.  The legal care available is top in the world and you’re always sure to get what you pay for with the savvy legal assistance available in the general area.

Here is why!

If you’re facing divorce, separation or annulment a good divorce lawyer can help with property division, debt allocation, alimony, child custody and support and of course tax considerations.


Depending on how long you have been married (1, 3, 6, 10, 30 years) it would be important to decide who gets the family home or if it is sold so that each party could start over in a new place.  A certified lawyer will know the general rules that need be applied in the situation and advise fairly.


The house loan was taken together but you soon to be ex-husband took a separate lone to buy a fixer upper car to massage his mechanic habits and the soon to be ex-wife recently tried her hand at the baking business and went solo to the local bank.  These debts need to be allocated to the right person during the divorce process. Neither party wants to be responsible for the others debt for ten years to come. It is also important to identify the responsibilities for the loans which were taken together like the mortgage and the last family vacation.  These costs have to be either split or the responsibility firmly placed at the feet of the person better able to meet the long-term costs incurred.


Sydney family lawyers should help you to dig deep to find out what the estate is really worth and report what you can expect from the alimony payments of if it is necessary to get a job to pay the mounting post-divorce bills.


The most important consideration is the children.  Both you and your spouse will have to find a Sydney lawyer who can be considerate in this situation.  Taking into account the parent who usually makes breakfast and the parent who buys breakfast. The visitation rights of the parent who the children will not be living with and the burden of the children being required to go back and forth between parents.  A good lawyer will have a system already in place which will help you with these decisions and put people and organizations in your way who have done it before and done it well.


  1. Make sure alimony is taxable to the payee spouse meaning that the money you get is not taxed and you are responsible for deducting and paying the government.  Make sure your lawyer is aware of what the actual settlement will be
  2. Verify taxes on any pension distributions to ensure that the split of those assets don’t heavily reduce your retirements plans.
  3. Some of your legal advice may be nontaxable and it would be in your best interests to discuss with your lawyer how this could be done to save yourself around tax time.
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